Manager's Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Must attend all regular monthly meetings or designate someone to represent team.
  2. Keep players and parents informed of their responsibilities.
  3. Assist in the preparation of the field for that day's games and encourage coaches and parents to do the same.
  4. Notify the proper person when equipment is damaged or consumables are at a minimum.
  5. Be responsible for the distribution and collection of team equipment.
  6. Be responsible for the distribution of uniforms.
  7. Ensure full uniforms are worn at all times.  Game time shirts must be tucked and hats worn.
  8. Designate team representative to schedule concessions & 50/50 at all home games.
  9. Upon cancellation of home games or practices, manager must notify umpire, opposing team, concession personnel, and field manager.  Umpires must be notified at least one hour prior to game or fee will be owed.
  10. Respect the players, umpires, and fellow coaches.
  11. Instruct and enforce players on teamwork and sportsmanship.
  12. Shut off all lights when you leave the field area, i.e. Bathrooms, Batting Cage, Field Lights.
  13. Check all locks before you leave, i.e. Field Boxes, Bathrooms, Batting Cage, Old Concession Shed.  Make sure all equipment removed from these areas are returned properly.
  14. Be sure to return the key for the field lights to the concession stand after turning off the lights.
  15. Keep commissioners informed as to issues related to problems with parents or players.
  16. If a game is scheduled after yours, keep play moving to keep schedule on track.
  17. Managers, Coaches, and Players that are removed from a game will be suspended from the next scheduled game per R.A.A. guidelines and serve any additional suspensions as outlined in SABA and GPGSL Rules.
  18. Only coaches officially designated by the manager are permitted to be on the bench during games.
  19. All rainouts must be rescheduled in a timely fashion and coordinated with the Field Scheduling Manager.
  20. Managers must conduct themselves in a proper manner at all times and remove players from present game for misconduct and disciplinary reasons.
  21. Disciplinary actions involving more than one game must go before the board of directors.
  22. No one-on-one practices are permitted with players.
  23. No coach or manager is to remain at the field after practice or games alone with one remaining player awaiting pick up - another adult must be present.